Life abounds among the pilings of the Argonaut Wharf in Campbell River.

From above water it is just a bunch of wooden and concrete pilings descending into the water. Below it is a haven for fish life and invertebrates that cling to the myriad of structures that lie beneath. Old pilings and steel structures as well as the current pilings make for very suitable habitat for all kinds of creatures, a type of artificial reef. Diving on this site is guaranteed to please. A week ago I did a series of dives on here and was happily surprised by the amount of juvenile Rockfish and Lingcod, as well as lots of other species of fish calling it home. Copper Rockfish are plentiful here, as well as Quillback Rockfish. Other species I saw on just one dive here were Lingcod, Painted Greenling, Kelp Greenling, Buffalo Sculpin, Grunt Sculpin, Black Eye Goby, and Rock Sole. Also a cute little Red Octopus.   One of the best things I saw for the first time in quite some time is several Sunflower Stars of various sizes, as well as quite a few Purple Ochre Stars. Both these species were extremely hard hit by the Seastar Wasting disease that swept through the coast over the last 3 years. It looks like there is a returning of the seastars that is quite noticeable now. Hopefully this will continue and put things back into more of a balance again.

sunflower star returning to waters near campbell river

rock sole under argonaut wharf

painted greenling protecting nest in campbell river

lingcod on wharf piling in campbell river

copper rockfish on wharf piling

copper rockfish amid argonaut wharf pilings

copper rockfish in british columbias emerald sea

water jelly and sunburst

jellyfish lit by setting sun

buffalo sculpin face

black eye goby in den


red octopus eyes