Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive into Monet’s paintings of his water lily ponds in Giverny, France? Well I have. So I set about to create a series of images that show what I feel it would look like. This collection is a series I was inspired to do quite some time ago, while swimming dreamily among the water plants in the sun drenched shallows. These images have been processed in a more creative way than I typically would do, taking some artistic license in the colouring of them. Typically I try to have my images look like a fair representation of what I am photographing. But with these I had some fun, using some of Monet’s individual paintings as inspiration for the colouring of each image.  The actual content of the images is real, even the abstract patterns reflected in the under surface of the lake. 

impressionistic underwater image like Monet's water lilies
what it's like under monet's ponds
Impressionistic image of the view below the surface of a pond, reminiscent on Monet's famous water lily series.
painterly underwater fine art image of lilies

To see full collection of these images go to the webpage here https://www.eikojones.com/under-monets-ponds/