Water Dogs

10441114_10155572598265581_7002772085159131209_nWater Dogs Creative Portraits

This is my dog portrait section. These images are created custom for dog owners. They are generally done in two ways.  Private sessions allow enough time to get a good relationship happening between photographer and dog. If your dog is skitterish or hesitant about going in the water this is the ideal way to get a good selection of images to choose from. The cost for a water dogs private session is $175.   Mini Sessions are held periodically and this can be a good way to try out and see if your dog cooperates or not. They are 15 min scheduled sessions held on scheduled days. Because of the limited time there is no guarantee on how many images there wll be to choose from. But generally you get about 10 from a mini session. The cost to take part in a mini session is $75.

Low resolution and medium resolution images are provided and if you would like larger prints or canvas images done we can provide these as well.  Click here for package prices 

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