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eiko jones underwater photographer

As an award winning filmmaker and photographer Eiko strives to capture the natural and human world in a way that inspires and motivates people to appreciate and care about this planet we call home. 

With a big emphasis on water based filming and photography, images of mountains, lakes, rivers, and oceans, and the salmon, trout and other life forms that inhabit these areas make up a lot of Eiko Jones’ body of work. While all aspects of the natural world are of interest, underwater filming of Pacific Salmon has been one of his main focuses while living in Canada. Now based primarily in New Zealand, he continues to explore out of the way places and document the life that exists there.

Video work includes independent film making, contract camera operator, contract video production,  and stock video library. 

Fine art images available, as well as a comprehensive stock image library of both underwater and topside scenes. Contract photography available. 

Eiko works in New Zealand and Canada, as well as any other destination that is required. 


Fine Art Image collection.

Prints available on Giclee Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Aluminum, and Facemount Acrylic.  

Best Sellers
Under Monet’s Ponds
underwater monochrome images of flowers underwater
Underwater Flowers- Platinum Collection


Underwater flower images on black backgrounds
Underwater Flowers- Passion Collection


Underwater flower images on white backgrounds
Underwater Flowers- Luminance Collection


Eiko Jones 2022 professional portfolio