Exploring British Columbias Emerald Seas.

diver and steep underwater wallExploration dives are always a lot of fun for me. But when you get asked to go to Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort to spend a few days exploring the area its even better. This luxury resort is in the “middle of nowhere” on the Southern edge of the Great Bear Rainforest in the vicinity of the Broughton Archipelago. Generally clients go there to fish and view wildlife, but we had other intentions on this trip- to see what the diving was like in the inlets and open exposed areas at the edge of Queen Charlotte Straight.  After three days of diving we determined that the area has some of the best diving we had seen in British Columbia. Several sites we found were at constrictions of narrow waterways, dive boat and rock wallcausing the tidal currents to boil as the water forced its way through. On the slack tide in these places we found some of the most astounding colour underwater.  One in particular stands out. The Roaring Hole- A very shallow, short passage that all the water of the inlet behind it drains over on its way in and out each tide change. This section was teeming with Painted Tealia anemones, Tube worms, Yellow encrusting sponge and much more.  Other areas were similar. One in particular had masses of Tube worms all the way from above water at low tide down in to the depths. They covered the walls and then abruptly stopped at a corner. Then the anemone, soft corals and sponges took over. Hardly any rock was to be seen that wasn’t covered in life.
We tried some good off-slack sites on big walls out in the open and found some great areas as well.
Above water there were bears, eagles and lots of other marine life.
Back at “base camp” we were treated to great hospitality by the staff and owners of the resort. We were asked back and we will gladly go. For the hospitality, and the diving.
 To check out this amazing resort go to www.nimmobay.com
 Roaring Hole above water at full ebb and then below.roaring hole at full ebb
rocks covered in anemone
vivd colour underwater in roaring hole
telia anemone in roaring hole
telia anemone in british columbiabright colours underwatercabezon guarding eggs
Drury Channel
telia anemone underwaterrocks covered in life underwater in BCtube worms give way to anemonetube worms and anemonetube worm explosion carpet of anemone colourful underwater life in BC british columbia underwater
 Other sitesdive boat in open water
large telia anemone crimson anemonebasket star
 black bearnimmo bay bridge welcome to nimmo bay nimmo bay resort waterfallnimmo bay helicopter