Salmon enhancement and river restoration – giving nature a helping hand.

Sometimes salmon runs get diminished. This can be for a large range of reasons or a combination of them acting together. The more we learn the better we can manage the environment. Salmon enhancement plays a part when restoration and conservation efforts are not enough. Enhancement is not meant to replace the natural order but just maintain a safe minimum of spawning salmon to help ensure future returns and the long term survival of the species. Enhancement efforts can also help to reintroduce fish into otherwise unproductive river systems, where the natural runs have been completely lost. The return of the Pink salmon to the Tsolum River near Coutenay is a good example of all these factors coming together by the efforts spearheaded by the Tsolum River Restoration Society. Click HERE for a video I made about this story.

Many different groups of people get involved in restoration and enhancement, from Federal agencies, Provincial, Aboriginal, private sectors, industry, and schools to name a few.