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Filmmaking has become a big part of Eiko’s work lately. He has recently completed two films featuring salmon. One, Heartbeat of the River, has won numerous awards and been selected to multiple film festivals. This film features mostly underwater cinematography of salmon in their natural realm.  The other, Salmon Capital Campbell River, is a look at the use of salmon in Campbell River. 

Heartbeat of the river image title card

Click HERE for more info on Heartbeat of the River, including a trailer.

salmon capital campbell river title card

Click HERE for more info on Salmon Capital Campbell River

In addition to independent film productions Eiko also engages in various other video work.

He is available as a camera operator for other film productions, as well as for commercials, TV productions, music videos, promo videos and more. Both underwater and topside. He has just completed several months with Plimsoll Productions on a NHU landmark series currently under production for an international broadcaster. (still under NDA)

He has an array of specialty underwater equipment that allows him to get unique footage. This includes several underwater cinema cameras and  housings, custom made uw motorized slider, custom housings for crane arms and other platforms, an ROV capable of carrying cinema camera to 150 meters, tow cam with cinema camera,  100m tethered shooting to production unit/ recorder, macro probe lens systems and more.  For above water use he has various equipment including cinema camera capable of shooting 4k footage at up to 160 fps, and 6k up to 60 fps, professional audio recording equipment, sliders, cranes, aerial trolley system, 3 axis stabilized gimbals and more.

He also has an extensive stock video collection. This consists primarily of high quality underwater salmon footage. All kinds of other subjects are also available by request.   

Contact by email for rates or other information.  info@eikojones.com


Eiko Jones cinematographer in New Zealand

Salmon footage show reel

Showreel of footage taken with Laowa Macro Probe lens setup.