Discovery Passage Underwater Shootout

Official Rules

  1. Shootout Period:

Discovery Passage Underwater Shootout submission period begins on Feb 15th 2021 at 12:00:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST)  and ends on April 15th 2021 at 11:59:59 p.m. PST  


  1. Shootout Geographical Location

Discovery Passage Underwater Shootout is restricted to  images taken in the area known as Discovery Passage. For the purpose of this Shootout this area is defined as the marine waters falling between Browns Bay, north of Campbell River, to Cape Mudge on Quadra Island. Only the waters between Vancouver Island and the west shoreline of Quadra Island. 



Discovery Passage Shootout is open to anyone. Due to covid restrictions on travel, please do not come here during this time to shoot, unless you are from the local area. Only submit images taken previously, if you are from elsewhere. Note- Employees, representatives or agents (and those with whom such persons are living, whether related or not) of Eiko Jones Photo/Video and Dive Campbell River (“Sponsors”), its prize suppliers, advertising/promotion agencies and any entity involved in the development, of the Shootout (collectively, the “Shootout Parties”), are NOT eligible to enter.

Photo(s) submitted must have been taken in the Shootout defined areas described above.



Entries are to be a digital photograph and submitted electronically online via the official webpage form. Your photo(s) must have been taken in accordance with the rules below. Please read carefully as entrants that do not comply with the rules will be disqualified.

Entrants may submit up to ten (10) images.   

Entrants must pay one time payment of $10, payable upon image submission, via Paypal.


Each Eligible Contestant that submits an entry in compliance with these Rules is eligible to win a Prize (defined below). 


Each photo entered must be submitted into one of three categories.

Wide Angle- Open to all photographers using DSLR or DSLR like Mirrorless cameras and lenses that are considered to be wide angle lenses. By definition this means using a lens with a wider angle of view than the human eye (35mm focal length equivalent),and includes over-under shots and close-focus wide-angle photos. 

Macro- Open to all photographers using DSLR or DSLR like Mirrorless cameras, and a lens capable of reproducing the subject near to life size on the sensor. For the purpose of this shootout macro subjects are less than 12 inches across  and shot with a lens focal length greater than 35mm equivalent.

Compact- Any photo taken with what is considered a compact camera. This is to be taken as meaning a point and shoot style camera with limited or no ability to change lenses. 

     Note: Judges or contest organizer may at their own discretion move a picture from one category to another where they feel it is more appropriate, with no right of appeal from the contestant.




Your submitted Photo(s) must have been taken within three (3) years of the Shootout submission dates, and within the Geographic Boundaries stated above.  Therefor only images taken after April 15th 2018

 Photo(s) submitted must meet the following four specific requirements upon upload:

  1.   Digital image length-   2500 pixels on the long edge in .jpg or .png format
  2.   File naming convention-  Rename each photo (the actual file name) prior to uploading with a basic description of subject and location.                        

  For example       sunflower-star-april-point.jpg   or    copper-bluffs-kelp.jpg

  1.   Use editing software or other means to add a caption of the scene with any relevant info you deem important. This will help the judges in the decision making process. Do not include any self identifiers.
  2.   Content alteration of digital files is not acceptable (except as noted below). Addition or removal of objects, combining multiple photos, borders, frames, text, watermarks or other graphic treatments will disqualify the Entry

Allowed image processing/ editing includes basic tonal, contrast, exposure, colour, dodge and burn, and lens profile correction changes. Cropping of no more than 25% of the long edge is allowed. 

*As this is an underwater photography contest the only allowable pixel manipulation is spot / backscatter removal.


Note. If your Photo(s) makes it to the final judging round you may be asked to provide the original RAW file for verification. (or original JPEG if that’s what you shoot. If editing from a JPEG please make a copy of the original to keep before doing any adjustments) 


By participating in the Discovery Passage Underwater Shootout, (the Shootout) each Entrant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules (the “Rules”) and by the interpretation of these Rules by the Sponsors, and further warrants and represents that his/her Photo:

  • is original to him/her and that the entrant has all necessary rights in and to the Photo to enter the Shootout;
  • does not violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation;
  • has not harmed or in any way disrupted more than is acceptable, the marine life and or environment in which the photo(s) are taken. Images showing disturbed or purposefully placed objects or subjects into the underwater scene will be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Sponsors. Similarly, no baiting is to be used to entice marine life to change their behavior and no moving of subjects;
  • does not contain any reference to or likeness of any identifiable third parties, unless consent has been obtained from all such individuals and their parent/legal guardian if they are under the age of majority in British Columbia  (Note: if you cannot obtain the consent of an individual appearing in your Photo, then his/her face must be blurred out);
  • will not give rise to any claims of infringement, invasion of privacy or publicity, or infringe on any rights and/or interests of any third party, or give rise to any claims for payment whatsoever; and is not defamatory, trade libelous, pornographic or obscene, and further that it will not contain conduct or other activities in violation of these Rules;


By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees that the Entry complies with all conditions stated in these Rules.  The Shootout parties will bear no legal liability, expressed or implied, regarding the use of the Entry by the SHOOTOUT PARTIES and the Shootout parties SHALL BE HELD HARMLESS BY AN ENTRANT IN THE EVENT IT IS SUBSEQUENTLY DISCOVERED THAT THE ENTRANT HAS DEPARTED FROM OR NOT FULLY COMPLIED WITH ANY OF THE RULES.

Any Photo that the Sponsor and/or the Shootout Parties deem, in its/their sole discretion, to violate the terms and conditions set forth in these Rules may be removed from the Shootout.

By entering the Shootout and submitting the Photo(s), each Entrant understands that: 

(i) the copyright of all images will remain with the photographer. 

(ii) the Sponsors reserve the right to reproduce any submitted images royalty free, but only in connection with sharing the competition results and promoting the Discovery Passage Underwater Shootout, currently, or for future editions. Photographers will always be credited when images are used (e.g. “Bob Smith/Discovery Passage Shootout  2021”) 

(iii) they will agree to release and hold harmless the Shootout Parties and each of their respective agents, employees, directors, successors, and assigns against any and all claims based on publicity rights, defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, trade-mark infringement or any other intellectual property related cause of action. 



One Overall Grand Prize Winner will be announced as well as prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of each category.  

The Prizes must be accepted as awarded.  No substitutions except at Sponsor’s option. Shipping costs of some prizes may be incurred by the recipient if unable to pick item up in person.

Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute the Prize or a component thereof with a prize of equal or greater value.  Prize will only be awarded to the confirmed winners. 



Winners will be announced May 1st 2021. Winning entrants will be selected by a panel of three international judges from among all eligible Entries received during the Shootout submission period.

The judges for this round are acclaimed underwater photographers and competition judges, David Salvatori, Doug Perrine, and Richard Salas

 Judges decision is final.



All Entries are subject to verification.  The Sponsors reserve the right, in it their sole discretion, to require proof of identity and/or eligibility (in a form acceptable to the Sponsor) of an Eligible Contestant to participate in this Contest.  Failure to provide such proof in a timely manner may result in disqualification. 

By entering this Shootout, each entrant (on his/her own behalf) expressly consents to the Sponsors, its agents and/or representatives storing, sharing and using the personal information submitted by the entrant for the purpose of administering the Shootout. While we have required you to enter using your email address, we will NEVER share this with anyone outside the organisers. We will only contact you with regard to this competition, and for no other reason.

At no point will we hold any payment information, which will be handled by PayPal.

The Contest winner agrees (on his/her own behalf) to the publication of their name and town of residence without further notice or compensation.