Seastars aka Starfish

A collection of seastar images from around the world.

These critters are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. They are mostly brightly coloured, come and lots of shapes and sizes, and best of all they don’t swim away quickly. Seastars are commonly known as Starfish.

Seastar Wasting Disease-

In recent years there has been an outbreak of a virus that decimated certain populations on the North American West Coast. The worst of it seems to be over and the numbers seem to be increasing again.  The natural balance was upset as a result of this and in many places urchin populations increased dramaticall as a result. This in turn affected the amount of kelp. Slowly things will restore. No real explanation has been discovered as to what started the so calles Seastar Wasting Syndrome. To learn more about this event check out Vancouver Aquariums page about it. HERE