Scuba divers in beautiful underwater settings, from rivers to the ocean.

All bodies of water have unique things to offer scuba divers and snorkelers. Not just fish life but beautiful rock formations, rushing river waters, and cave systems all offer something unique. Divers should be properly trained for any environment they venture into. But with the right experience there are places that are truly magical underwater. One of my all time favorite spots is the Heber River Canyon on Vancouver Islands West Coast. This river canyon is created by sculpted granite and has crystal clear water like the cenotes in Mexico.  During the summer months there are sockeye salmon and steelhead trout schooling in the river. This is a very unique experience for divers.

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To see more images from the Heber River, and other cool locations check out my Salmon Safari/ Canyon Diving website    During the summer months I lead trips for scuba divers into the rugged rivers of Vancouver Island. During the annual salmon migration we get to see this magnificent marvel of nature first hand. All five specioes of Pacific Salmon return to the island rivers. Being surrounded by thousands of salmon as they make their way upstream is an amazing experience that is unique and something that not many divers get to do. Also diving under a waterfall or “flying” like superman down a flowing river is an adrenalin rush. Trips run June to September typically. Tips can be booked as a group and I also offer personal guided photography outings into the river systems for those looking to really get some unique photographs.  In three or four days we can cover several rivers and see most if not all of the salmon species (depending on time of year).

Scuba diver in the Heber River

Scuba Diver enjoying the crystal clear waters that flow through the Heber River Canyon.


scuba divers and snorkelers in heber river

Enjoying some fun in the clear Heber River.