Marine Mammals and Reptiles

 Mammals and Reptiles are some of the largest creatures on earth.

In fact the Blue Whale is the largest animal ever known to have lived. Once almost hunted to extinction, it is now coming back from the brink, along with many other marine mammals. Nevertheless there are other factors now that are hindering there survival. Over fishing and pollution being two factors that we can directly control.  Diving with large animals is amazing and looking a sea lion or dugong in the eye up close underwater is breathtaking. Most are quite inquisitive and even playful. The grace and speed of a thousand pound sea lion underwater is in stark contrast to its lumbering efforts on land.

To see a short video clip of a sea lion with rope entagled around its neck, trying to be helped by another click HERE . I filmed this in the Sea of Cortez last year. I believe the animal with the rope around it’s neck was prompting the other animal to try and help it by demonstarting what it wanted, ie nibbling its neck. I watched these two for quite some time and was saddened to see that it would be in vain. Rope and other discarded fishing gear becomes a real hazard to all marine mammals and reptiles. There are many groups of people around the world who are actively involved in net removal and animal rescues. This should only be undertaken by people trained in how to do it properly and safely.