Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, the king of salmon.

The mighty Tyee- a Chinook Salmon weighing over 30 pounds, sought after by anglers, and an amazing fish to see underwater. Known as King Salmon in the USA, they are a premium salmon, both in terms of fishing experience and as a food source for wild animals. These magnificent salmon spend several years in the ocean growing to large sizes, then return to their ancestral river to spawn and continue the cycle.  Viewing these large chinook salmon underwater is special, looking like small torpedoes as they power their way up the river. Once in their spawning grounds they are relatively calm and allow me to get close. The colour change of a spawning chinook varies by river system and ranges from gold and orange, to bright red and almost black. Campbell River is home to the Tyee Club, a well known organisation that target Tyee Salmon and fish with row boats near the mouth of the river.