flying into the okavango delta

Botswana Photo Safari

In Nov 2017 I embarked on a photographic journey in which I had no idea where it would lead. Myself and a small group of photographers joined up with another group of adventurers on a 10 day mobile camping safari in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park in Northern Botswana. This trip turned out to be one of the best ever experiences of my photographic and personal journeys. It truly was and experience, not a vacation, as our great guides quite frequently said. Speaking of guides, we were expertly and thoughtfully taken care of by the world class safari operators Letaka Safaris.  Througout our time we were fed, watered, and pampered by this incredible group of people.

landing strip in okavango delta at moremi

Our first camp after a short flight into the Okavango Delta from Maun was in Moremi. This area in the delta is made up of multitudes of islands surrounded by channels and pools of water. At the time we were there is was the end of the dry season so the was more land than water. We spent three nights in this camp and every day we witnessed so many animals and sights. Leopards everyday, elephant, zebra, cape buffalo, and so much more.

camp moremi with letaka safaris
elephnt walking infront of tents at moremi
great guide matambo

Each day we got up at 4:45 am and after a quick breakfast headed out in the vehicles for game viewing till noon. Sitting in the open sided landcruisers while elephants and buffalo stood or walked beside was a treat and photographic opportunities were everywhere. At times it was really hard to know where to point the camera. After a few days the number of camera clicks diminished as we got used to what we were seeing on a daily basis.

leopard in botswana
Elephant passes in front of vehicle
elephant and letaka safaris
elephant in monochrome
Feeding elephant on the bank of the Khwai River in the Okavango Delta

On a day when we were in the Khwai community concession area we had the opportunity to go on a Mokoro ride on the Khwai River. This was a real highlight and a chance to get down close to the water and observe the smaller life of the delta. Enjoying the peace and tranquility while being told stories by the guides was great. The lilies were flowering like crazy and we all enjoyed slowing the pace down for a morning.

Mokoro ride on the khwai river botswana
okavango delta mokoro ride
Long Reed Frog in the Okavango Delta. Botswana.
Okavango day lilies in the Khwai River.

The next section and last three days of the safari was spent in the Savuti region of Chobe National Park. This was most peoples highlight area due to the incredible lion encounters and on the last day the incredible array of animals.  On the first day in Savuti we came across a pride of lions feeding on a hippo. It was several days old and they were starting to look for something else to feed on so we got to see lots of great behaviors. Watching the lions stalking off into the sunset in search of their next meal was mind boggling and I had to keep pinching myself to remember it was really happening in front of me.

Lions feeding on the decaying carcass of a Hippo
Young lion walking by on its way to a watering hole
lion watching elephant in sunset
lioness and cubs in sunset
lion cubs heading into sunset

On the last day in Savuti we were treated to an incredible display of animal congregation. Zebra herd in the hundreds, Giraffes, and finally as the sun was setting elephants at a watering hole that made for the perfect ending. After the safari we spent three days lounging at a lodge on the Chobe River where we relaxed and drank G&T’s (with ice) and relived all the amazing adventures. And vowed we would return.

Khwai River hippo opens wide in a threat display
Burchells zebra looking out for danger in the grasslands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Spotted Hyena in Savuti Marsh, Northern Botswana, Africa
A Giraffe with his face stuffed of Apple Leaf tree leaves.
zebra congregating at watering hole in savuti, botswana
Line up of Zebra Butts and faces.
Herd of elephants gather at sunset at pump pan watering hole.

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